Win Norwex Cloths and more! 1K Giveaway {Day 6}

This giveaway is now closed!  Congratulations to winners Renee and Kelly!

I can’t believe we’ve gotten to Day 6 of the giveaway!  Monday and Tuesday’s giveaways are closed, but you still have time to enter the others!


Today, I am happy to give away some of my favorite products: Norwex!  Norwex is a company committed to truly green cleaning.  They have developed a high-quality microfiber fiber that is imbedded with silver threads.  The microfiber is so powerful, you can clean anything with nothing but water.  Plus, Silver is naturally antibacterial, so after cleaning, all you have to do is rinse out and hang the cloths and they will self-purify in time for the next cleaning.


*Actual prize package will include several different products, including a body cloth, pictured above.

My friend Andrea is the one who introduced me to Norwex by sending me a box full of stuff.  I had no idea what to do with half of it, and now I can’t live without it!  She is giving away a body care package to one winner!  This includes a body cloth, a face cloth, and Norwex’s luxurious chapstick.  If you want to know more about these great cloths, read the review I did about them for another giveaway, or visit Andrea’s website and earn a second entry!

My second prize for the day comes from another West Coast Christian Blogger-buddy, Vicki Lucas.  She is a Christian fiction writer–a Christian fantasy writer, to be exact.  She wrote the book Toxic for the young adult audience (but since when should the teenagers have all the fun?).


Now, I am a big fan of the fiction genre, and it is my belief that Christians should be more involved in the creative arts, including Christian fiction.  I am always a little (a lot) disappointed that the majority of Christian fiction is romance.  HOWEVER…I won’t talk about that now.

Instead, let’s take a look into Vicki’s imagination:

“Toxic is the first in a series set in Eltiria where Kai, Taryn, and Lizzy have to purify the toxic water before anyone else dies. If they don’t, evil may rule the world forever. A Winged Horse sets them on the search to locate the source of the poison, escape from the monsters, and to find their faith while battling to see the truth in a world of chaos and destruction.”

Don’t worry if you get hooked on it–she’s writing a sequel!  Check out her Facebook page to keep informed of her progress!

How to Enter

1) I like to keep giveaways simple.  All you have to do to be entered for this giveaway is to comment below!  That’s it!  It would be fabulous if you also subscribed to my blog, followed me on Twitter, or liked my Facebook page, but I can’t make that a requirement because of Facebook policies (and it also complicates things and that sort of defeats the whole “simple” thing).

2) Now, I know some of you are over-achievers and want to do more to increase your chances of winning.  Okay. Here you go: you  may earn extra entries by visiting and commenting on our sponsors’ blogs, Facebook, or Twitter pages.  Why not subscribe, like, or follow them while you’re there?  Come back here and leave a separate comment to let me know you went a-visiting so I can enter your name twice.

3) Share any story from Five in Tow that has impacted you.  You can even share the giveaway!  Comment below (in a separate comment from any of the above) with the title of the post you shared and you’ll earn a third entry.

4) This giveaway will remain open for three days.  I will draw two winners on February 4 at 4 pm PST and notify the winners.  Prizes will be delivered by the sponsors within 4-6 weeks.

5) Don’t forget!  You still have two days to enter yesterday’s giveaway if you have not already done so, along with the previous two days of giveaways!  Wednesday’s giveaway closes today at 4 pm PST.  Don’t miss it!   Come back tomorrow for two more great prizes!  You can see the complete list here.

79 thoughts on “Win Norwex Cloths and more! 1K Giveaway {Day 6}

  1. dara

    I have a couple of norwex clothes to clean our babes’ faces after meals. I LOVE them! Would love to add to our small norwex collection. And always up for a good book 😉

  2. mimi

    Norwex…… Norwex ……. cleans the best! I love how they make my windows and mirrors shine without a smudge! Could use another. : )

  3. Laura

    The Norwex products sound great! But if I book comes along with it, it might be a while until I get a chance to try them out, because books trump cleaning! In my dream world at any rate!

  4. Rosalyn

    Norwex is fabulous!!
    I just recently found your blog and have really loved reading the 30days series– as a new mother you gave me a lot to think about for now and the future of our family. It’s good to get into some of those habits now! 🙂 It’s been a blessing to me.

  5. Beth S

    I’d love to try the Norwex products! Although I’m not a fan of Fantasy, my husband is, so I’d probably give the book to him if I won it (easy, inexpensive gift!) 🙂

  6. Martha Teal

    My daughter is selling Norwex. She got started just before Christmas and is doing fairly well so far. There have been quite a few skeptics, but I am totally sold on the envirocloth and polishing cloth. Cleaning windows has never been so much fun! They’re actually clean when I finish!!!

  7. Leanna Thompson

    Both of those prizes sound nice. I love reading your blog! It’s so inspirational and it helps me through the tough days of motherhood. Thank you for sharing with us.

  8. Jen Hagen

    went a-visiting and a-commenting (at least on Vicki’s blog, didn’t see anywhere to comment on the norwex site)

  9. Jen Hagen

    shared “when it doesn’t add up”. I have one that really reminds me of your K, and he has speech issues too. He also has a killer sense of humor – guessing they would get along great. 🙂 He’s almost 9 now…this post really spoke to me.

  10. Tracy

    Wanted to comment on your post about your hubby. It was beautiful. Bittersweet, I am sure, to reflect on your dad. May my daughter have a caring , godly role model too!

  11. Bec

    I subscribe to your blog and follow you on FB. Your “I have a little girl” post was amazing. It brought me to my knees.

  12. Elizabeth Anderson

    Norwex products are so great! I just found you through Kindred Grace, so I’m going to enjoy looking around here. 🙂


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