Win Redeeming Childbirth and More! 1K Giveaway: Day 4

Redeeming Childbirth

This giveaway is now closed!  Congratulations to Susan and Annie, our winners!

Today’s giveaway includes two great resources for parents. 

The first is the groundbreaking new book Redeeming Childbirth: Experiencing His Presence in Pregnancy, Labor, Childbirth and Beyond by Angie Tolpin.  Angie is a homeschool mother of six who has a passion for helping women reclaim the hardest parts of motherhood for God.  To that end, Angie has graciously donated her book and a study guide for one grace-filled winner!


Proof Angie has 6 kids

If you haven’t heard of Angie’s book, it’s worth a look.  “The vision of Redeeming Childbirth,” Angie shares, “is to create unity among women in the body of Christ on this controversial topic, engage and equip mothers-to-be with the scripture and the mentoring so needed during this season in a woman’s life. This isn’t about how you have your baby or where you have your baby, it’s about growing in the Lord, studying the Word with regard to this journey toward motherhood and attempting to bring purpose and meaning to some of the hardest aspects of this experience.

“Childbirth is more than an event that makes a woman a mother.

This journey was designed to be a spiritual milestone

that draws every woman’s heart back to the only Deliverer.”

Please visit Angie’s website for lots of free resources for moms and moms-to-be.  Also, be sure to visit her on Facebook and Twitter to take advantage of all the wisdom she shares there.  After delivering six beautiful babies, she’s got a lot of it!


Our second prize today come from one of my friends in my West Coast Christian Bloggers‘ group.   Cheri Gregory is donating a copy of the book 21 Ways to Connect with Your Kids, which includes personalty assessments and applications by Cheri.  This book is all about being practical, practical, practical.  It gives you do-able and daily ideas to help you engage your child more.  Don’t we all want that?

Also, Cheri is including a set of Bible verse cards for the same winner.  Woot!


Meet Cheri

Be sure to visit Cheri’s website.  It’s packed full of freebies and tremendous insight for women.  Even her Facebook page is a constant source of encouragement to me because she keeps her focus fixed on Christ.

How to Enter

1) I like to keep giveaways simple.  All you have to do to be entered for this giveaway is to comment below!  That’s it!  It would be fabulous if you also subscribed to my blog, followed me on Twitter, or liked my Facebook page, but I can’t make that a requirement because of Facebook policies (and it also complicates things and that sort of defeats the whole “simple” thing).

2) Now, I know some of you are over-achievers and want to do more to increase your chances of winning.  Okay. Here you go: you  may earn extra entries by visiting and commenting on our sponsors’ blogs, Facebook, or Twitter pages.  Why not subscribe, like, or follow them while you’re there?  Come back here and leave a separate comment to let me know you went a-visiting so I can enter your name twice.

3) Share any story from Five in Tow that has impacted you.  You can even share the giveaway!  Comment below (in a separate comment from any of the above) with the title of the post you shared and you’ll earn a third entry.

4) This giveaway will remain open for three days.  I will draw two winners on February 2 at 4 pm PST and notify the winners.  Prizes will be delivered by the sponsors within 4-6 weeks.

5) Don’t forget!  You still have two days to enter yesterday’s giveaway if you have not already done so, along with the other two days of giveaways!  Monday’s giveaway closes today at 4 pm PST.  Don’t miss it!   Come back tomorrow for two more great prizes!  You can see the complete list here.

87 thoughts on “Win Redeeming Childbirth and More! 1K Giveaway: Day 4

  1. Callie

    Thank you for writing! “Hospitality” made me look at my kitchen walls, for surely they have been sharing my secrets. Both my husband and I laughed through “The Fire Truck Cart of Evil”. “Yellow” warmed my soul. After “Laundry”, I was left to seriously reconsider certain attitudes that had begun to unknowingly seep in. Each time I read, I laugh and perhaps I cry. Your stories touch a place that so few writers can get to…that even my own thoughts have difficulty capturing. They leave one believing that maybe there is still hope and redemption. It is truly a gift that I am so grateful you have shared.

  2. Tracy

    Both of these resources sound great, I want to check out both their sites! Wishing you strength as you write your 100 posts!

  3. Tracy

    I had to comment on the hospitality story as well. Just that day, we had company scheduled and I was getting cranky and worried about what people would think of my not so perfect house! Your story reminded me to step back and focus on communion and connection rather than cleaning and hiding clutter. It has made me more committed to being a host to those who might need a place to go and face to connect with. Thanks for this valuable lesson!

  4. Laura Kaczmarek

    I have just started following Redeeming Childbirth on her blog and Facebook a few weeks ago. I would love to read that book! Thanks for the giveaways and it is so great that you have so many followers. God truly is using you!

  5. Teresa Yb.

    Wow! I would love to read/study Redeeming Childbirth. Incredible. This was an area I really struggled with after my first was born. I think the spiritual aspect of childbirth gets seriously overlooked. Thank you for the chance to winl.

  6. Becky

    I subscribe to your blog and would love to enter!
    Before becoming a stay-at-home mom, I was a CPA working at Ernst & Young. Now I’m a homeschool mom of 4 (ages 18 mos. to 6 years). I had a 32-week preemie who spent several weeks in NICU and then I had 2-3 months on bedrest with the last 3 pregnancies. The past seven years have been the most difficult and most rewarding of my life! What a blessing, encouragement and comfort to “know” other moms who are going through the same stuff of the “little years” and pursuing Christ, although imperfectly.

  7. Becky

    My favorite post was the “hospitality w littles” post! We just had family visiting the previous week–family who are very understanding, not critical, in fact, very helpful!–but I *still* allowed my heart to become anxious about the house and irritable, even angry, toward my husband and my little ones because the house is never how I want it to be, no matter how hard I try, and the children are always children, displaying their areas of needed disciple-ing! …. These are idols of my heart….my seeking to “look” a certain way or present a certain picture of my house or my children, rather than to simply follow Christ, with contentment and peace, moment by moment, and just live where I am in this stage with four small children! I appreciated that you are willing to tell it like it is!

  8. M Earle

    Pregnant with my 3rd. I am so happy to hear about a book about Pregnancy and Childbirth with spiritual guidance. I have sat in so many discussions with mothers where childbirth is the topic of discussion. Somehow we as woman find healing taking about trauma, pain or unplanned birth situations. Giving birth to my 2nd I had little to no assistance, only a friend to assist and it was a very spiritual experience for me (terrifying, but spiritual). I was in dialogue with God the whole time. Praying, begging that what my body made me feel I should do would be the right thing to do at the right time. We are now both well, she is 2 and I am looking forward to / preparing myself for the birth of a brother or sister.
    Thank you Angie for writing the book – would love to read it
    Thank you Rachel for bringing it to my attention.

  9. ann

    I can never resist an opportunity to share about my beautiful, agonizing childbirths. They were the most incredible accomplishments I had ever done for God, with His power and grace. (Of course, raising them is still underway and is equally beautiful and agonizing.)

    While I am so thankful for hospitals and God’s gifts of modern technology, I cannot pass the opportunity to plead with women to investigate homebirth as the most beautiful, normal, and safe option for normal, healthy pregnancies. I had all 4 at home. Yes, I thought I was dying. Yes, two of my babies were over 10 lbs. Yes, labor was long (the first was 54 hrs). But oh, I have *never* doubted one minute that it was the absolute.best.choice ever! Facing the physical pain was nothing compared to my emotional insecurities, but when God’s power is so close that it is like a freight train roaring through your body, and you are just hanging on for your very life, you are forever changed when you hold that sweet baby, and know that in Him you can make it the next day, too.

    1. dara

      I love how you pointed out a thankfulness for modern technology and such. The biggest disappointments in my life is not being able to have natural or vaginal births. So I am thankful I am alive and my babies are, too. I put in a few days of laboring between my two boys, but all three of my children were delivered via c-section. I wish women would be more informed of their options as well as I wouldn’t trade the hours I labored even though it didn’t end as expected. God is good!

  10. Rachel Sturm Suydam

    I visited Cheri’s site. It’s now bookmarked. I sat there squirming while I read her “Making Taking Care of Mom a Top Priority”. I am SO guilty of shoving my care to the bottom because of time/cost.

  11. Loisis

    I had an awful pregnancy and birth with our daughter, and I would love to see if this book can help change my mind and prepare me better for next time

  12. Lois

    I had a horrible pregnancy and birth with my daughter and would love a chance to read this book and get a change of perspective!

  13. Laura

    I’m due with our third in May, and I would LOVE to read Redeeming Childbirth. I’ve read a lot of natural childbirth books, but none from a Christian perspective.


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