1K Giveaway: Day 1

This giveaway is now closed!  Thanks for participating.


As promised, today begins our week-long celebration here at Five in Tow.  We recently reached over 1,000 Facebook fans and I thought we’d celebrate your loyal readership by giving you lots of great stuff!   You can read the full schedule here.

Today’s giveaway prizes were donated by two of my blogging buddies from my West Coast Christian Bloggers group.  These gals are the best!

First up, enter to win this fun and fabulous e-kit from Jason and Jami Balmet! 


Jason and Jami minister over at A Biblical Marriage.  They are a young married couple and recent parents of baby boy twins, Micah and Malachi.  You know I have a soft spot for little boy twins named Micah (okay, so Malachi is pretty cute too).  Somehow, after giving birth to these sweet boys, Jami managed to finish this e-kit, which is amazing because after my twins were born, I sometimes managed to get dressed.  Sometimes.

Jami has a heart for glorifying God in marriage and home.  It comes through in everything she writes at A Biblical Marriage and at her second blog, Young Wife’s Guide to Gospel-Centered Homemaking.


Meet Jami

Jason and Jami have done a great job creating clever printables for 7 romantic encounters with your spouse.  This kit is perfect for married couples of any age.  It would also make a great bridal shower or Valentine’s Day gift!  Treat yourself, and your marriage, to something better than the standard flowers and chocolates.  Treat your marriage to lasting love!

Next up…

Emily Gardner

Meet Emily

Speaking of newlyweds, our second prize comes from Emily Gardner of the blog Primitive Roads.  Emily is a California native who recently transplanted to Idaho.  Her blog is full of grace, practical (and yummy!) ideas for making a home special, and more wisdom than she should be allowed to have in her young married life.  Currently, Emily is participating in a series entitled, How to Maintain a High-Maintenance Marriage.  Wow.  She also writes over at Kindred Grace.

Emily has donated two Rachel Ray cookbooks (probably because she knows that one way to maintain a high-maintenance marriage is to cook yummy food).  This set includes Just in Time! and Express Lane Meals.

Rachel Ray

How to Enter

1) I like to keep giveaways simple.  All you have to do to be entered for this giveaway is to comment below!  That’s it!  It would be fabulous if you also subscribed to my blog, followed me on Twitter, or liked my Facebook page, but I can’t make that a requirement because of Facebook policies (and it also complicates things and that sort of defeats the whole “simple” thing).

2) Now, I know some of you are over-achievers and want to do more to increase your chances of winning.  Okay. Here you go: you  may earn extra entries by visiting and commenting on our sponsors’ blogs, Facebook, or Twitter pages.  Why not subscribe, like, or follow them while you’re there?  Come back here and leave a separate comment to let me know you went a-visiting so I can enter your name twice.

3) Share any story from Five in Tow that has impacted you.  You can even share the giveaway!  Comment below (in a separate comment from any of the above) with the title of the post you shared and you’ll earn a third entry.

4) This giveaway will remain open for three days.  I will draw two winners on January 31 at 4 pm PST and notify the winners.  Prizes will be delivered by the sponsors within 4-6 weeks.

5) Don’t forget to join us tomorrow to enter to win a $25 gift certificate from Hazelaid and Emily Cook’s book, Tend to Me: Devotions for Mothers.

110 thoughts on “1K Giveaway: Day 1

  1. Rachel Sturm Suydam

    I visited Jami’s blog and REALLY connected with her “10 Myths about getting married young” I may not be “married young” now…we’ve been married 13.5 years and I’m now 33…but I could SO relate to the post!

    I’ll have to read more of Emily’s blog posts….I got distracted by her posted scone recipe and am on my way to the kitchen…. ;-/

  2. Rebecca Clingman

    You have a way of writing that I feel as though I’ve been your friend for ages. Thank you for introducing us all to these awesome people/things and for the chance to win the product to enhance our spiritual and family loves.

  3. Heather

    After 12.5 years of marriage and 6 kids, my husband would probably be thrilled for me to win either of the prizes because we all need something new in life whether it be romance or food! 😉

  4. diana cody

    I shared the story of the Old Man and the little girl. It definitely pulled at my heartstrings. And the 2 people I share it with said the same thing. You’re an amazing writer. Thank you

  5. Krista Goodin

    A friend on FB shared one of your stories on Friday and now I’m hooked on your blog (and just in time for the giveaways). 😉

  6. Kathy

    It was the “Five in Tow” that hooked my attention – I have 5 also. It was the honesty and transparency of your writing that has resonated and kept me faithfully reading!

  7. Kathy

    I share your posts frequently, but most recently the one about hospitality convicted me to the core. I host our care group every other week and I can get so distracted by fear of man and discontent and impatience and – well, the list goes on and on. It was apparently quite convicted to a couple of friends as well. ;

  8. Laura

    Love your transparency in your writing. I am a mother of “7 in tow” so can totally relate to what you have to say! Keep up the great job writing and encouraging the rest of us!

  9. GW

    I just found your blog last week. I have enjoyed reading the honest and insightful things you write. Keep up the good work!

  10. Bev

    what a challenge you put on yourself…yet a good idea;;100 days of beautiful motherhood. We adopted 5 kids… so our 5 are totally unique…the last 3 a combo of backgrounds!

  11. Kathy G in WA

    Congratulations! I’ve really enjoyed following your blog. When I saw the giveaway, I thought, “One way to man’s heart is through his stomach!” 🙂

  12. Yvonne

    I really enjoyed your “30 days to enjoying your children” series and hope to go through it with a small group of moms. Thanks!

  13. Amanda Hitz

    Your posts have been a blessing to me! Lord willing, another precious baby will join our little family in about 7 months, which will give us four under four! 🙂 Exciting and busy days! With little time to write a blog myself, I love hearing from and relating to other mothers and homemakers. I also followed Jami’s blog. Thanks for the great giveaway! 🙂

  14. Jennifer

    Today more then any other day I needed to read you post before my trek to daycare. Mind you just the chore of taking my kids to daycare is stressful enough as I would south rather be home with them but couple that with an almost 4 year old who argues about everything. This morning it was whether or not I had a particular song on the car

    Today sin was in the car with us. I heard sin snap at my son. I know he is still 3 and maybe doesn’t understand the difference between “I wish we has that song in the car” and “yes mommy you do have that song in the car” but it wasn’t just that it was, when is time for bed, & time to brush your teeth, & time to come eat. It was all those moments of argument that invited sin in.

    Thank you for reminding me that I am not the only mom who has been visited by sin

  15. Jen Hagen

    As a grown MK raising 3 of my own MKs while serving with tribal people in the Philippines, I really connect with your blog and am encouraged often as I follow it. Hoping to win a cookbook! 🙂

  16. Jen Hagen

    I shared your post Sin and Snakes and quoted this line that spoke to me “…it is far better to have to deal with the consequences of my children’s sin than to let the consequences of sin deal with my child.”

  17. Joey H

    I’ve just recently discovered your blog through a friend of mine on Facebook. I’ve been so blessed by several posts already- thank you so much for sharing your life & your walk!

  18. Allison

    God has used your blog to minister to me in an extraordinary way. I thank Him for leading me to you. Your Godly wisdom and beautiful way of writing it out has helped me so much as I’ve recently become a mother of 5!

  19. Susie

    Thanks again for fun giveaways, and great prizes! I love your blog, especially since I’m blessed with a sweet crowd of five kids, too.

  20. Shauna Evans

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog posts, it always provides me with a few deep thoughts to mull over as I go about my day. Thanks. 🙂

  21. Amy

    I have shared your blog many times in the past. You are such an encouragement to me I love to ‘share’ you with my friends. Most recently I’ve shared ‘On waiting’. It reminded me of a time (season) that we had to cut back drastically and my husband showed such sacrificial love for our family in such a tangible way. No person had done that before.

  22. Tracy

    I love your blog. I came across it when I was looking at multiples blogs. I have fraternal twin boys who will be 17 months old tomorrow. By the way, I do subscribe to your blog via email and on FB. I do not have a Twitter account.

  23. Tracy

    I visited both sponsors’ blogs. I found a great article on 5 Ways to Make Your Home a Haven on A Biblical Marriage. There is a great recipe for Oatmeal Nutmeg Scones on Primitive Roads.

  24. Tracy

    I shared The Most Beautiful of Days (or, How I Snagged My Husband) on FB. I think this is truly a beautiful memory you have shared with us.

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